A New Beginning

He used to be the God that healeth thee and just like the word healeth his healing ministry has been phased out – Modern Day Christians Association Why do we question God if He is not a man that He should lie? The anchor (Hope the anchor of our souls) of all our Faith (He is the Author and Finisher of our Faith), our Love (we love because HE first Loved us) is His Word. He doesn’t alter that which He utters. His WORDS are eternal, a living spring flowing even from Everlasting Light and not a stagnant gutter. His promises are not HOPE-SO, MAYBE-SO, THINK-SO. They are definite and GUESS WHAT!!!! IN Christ they HAVE BEEN FULFILLED AND PROVIDED. All things are possible… only in looney tunes.  – Modern Day Christians Association The first words uttered were LET THERE BE LIGHT. The death and resurrection of Christ saw man availed the opportunity to enjoy the experience of being translated

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