Paying the Bills

Read on and enjoy.  This morning I got the shocker of my life. It was early on Sunday so I went about my pre-church duties which included a warm shower (thankfully, PHCN was supportive this morning), tweeting, calling my heart-throb Ifeoma Funke Damilola Okay! I don’t have one. My p-setting game only lands me effortlessly in Friend-zone. *Don’t you dare laugh*. Soon I shall meet my emerald of grace… Anyways *scoffs* It was about quarter to 9 when there was a light rapping sound on my door. Someone was knocking. Someone was knocking!!! Someone was knocking? But wait… I was the only one in the compound for heavens sake. The gates were padlocked. I looked at the window where I normally kept the keys. There they were. I remembered locking the doors, the gate after my dad drove out. My folks had already gone for workers meeting as they were ministers in Dayspring Assembly, so I visibly startled that someone was knocking. Visibly

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The Child-Bride

Children are a heritage from God, offspring a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth. Dark and teary eyed, Once cheery, with an infectious smile That set dusky nights ablaze with glee. Now, that is all gone. Look behind the smile, See her fear masked by the upward arch of her lips, Feel the uneasiness as she is handed, to her husband. Broken dreams, ravaged vaginas. Hope snuffed out by the votes of a ham-handed few; Behold their cudgel, the long arm of the law; a weapon against the weak and small. Step into this field of atrophied dreams, Where hope lays shattered like shards of glass, Sprawled on the plush beds of lawmakers Girls peddled like slaves because their ‘periods’ came home tonight, Bludgeoned by the ones sworn to shelter them. The frail flame of the female flower, Emaciated by the placid phallus of the law. Gaze upon the

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