Till He Returns

After (twenty) aeons have come and gone Before a billion stars twinkle and fail to burn In times of beauty and even when the clocks are worn My praise will ever be to the one called Elyon Brilliant, I bask in the brightness of the Son One whose face glows brighter than a million suns Lifting my voice from dusk to golden morn Always and forever till He returns Opening the vaults of praise I will sing Grace! Great Grace! That is what He brings Upon the throne of Mercy seats my Love-King Now and forever this song through eternity rings Songs of Glory across the galaxies ping, from Ocean floor to starry sky, tiny worm to earthling Lifting my voice from dusk to golden morn Always and forever till He returns And when the cloak of time is tattered and torn Broken, battered and oh so forlorn I shall stand on eternity’s shores Making sweet medley to the one I

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Disclaimer: After we are raptured, God will invite a band to the stage to usher us into the Eternal Future. My conjecture is this: it will be Hillsong (lool). Click here to read about the Songs from the Hill Project. And please join in. LET US HAVE FUN! (It would be nice if you downloaded the track and listened as you read) Track 8: Aftermath The skies lay low where You are. On the earth You rest Your feet. Yet the hands that cradle the stars are the hands that bled for me. In a moment of glorious surrender you were broken for all the world to see. Lifted out of the ashes I am found in the aftermath. Freedom found in Your scars. In Your grace my life redeemed for You chose to take the sinner’s crown as You placed Your crown on me And in that moment of glorious surrender was the moment You broke the chains in me. In that moment You opened up the

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Click here to read By His Stripes Three days in the belly of the beast Three nights and hell had a grand feast But that morning, the SON rose His Light sent demons scattered in their droves From the ashes of shame Lord of the Harvest, that is His name He emerged – The Seed of the Woman Crushing the head of the Serpent          conceived by the Move of the Spirit             and the Spirit hovered over the earth                  then God said “Let there be Light” –  and He was born From the bitter pyre He rose confounding all His foes Even in death He was King, It wasn’t murder … He, by himself, surrendered and He emerged!!! From the throes of death to the Majestic throne of Life Hallelujah He is ALIVE Devil-hounds hollered and bawled Death shook in its place Hell’s bars quivered He

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