From God

To: You From: God Do you realize that the cold draft of callousness from the crevices of hell can not cause the Love of God that blossoms and blooms to wither? – Dami to Rhea (Church Notes 1.0) My child. Behold my counsel, hear my words. I see the council of chaos gathering, Surely I have heard their bickering, They long to hurt you. Surely I have heard their bickering, They long to hurt you. I see your pain. Do not fret for I am with you in the rain. I have heard your sobbing in the night. Your heart cry… It passes through the darkness, filters through the clouds, mingles with starlight, and finds its way to my heart on the path of a sunbeam. Do you not know that I am he who bore the bowels of the seas in my arms? Pouring them into the crevices and crannies of the earth. Do you not see the splendor of the

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For Damilare Babalola… I woke up empty today. Engulfed by my desires and seemingly insurmountable needs I have somehow lost sight of what it means to be alive. My struggle is endless. Each day drags me relentlessly to the house of my tormentor. With his steely gaze on my back he begins to flog me without flinching or remorse. But there is hope… Soon I will leave this job. Soon I will build my house. Soon I will become a source of joy and no longer the harbinger of sadness. Soon … because this morning I will touch the hem of His robe. I will place my withering fingers on the fringes of his shawl and I know I will be made whole. “And his disciples said unto him (brusquely, almost with sarcasm), thou seest the multitude thronging thee, and sayest thou, Who touched me?” – Mark 5:31 WHAT A QUESTION! You cannot ignore the audacity of such. Look at

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There is no God

Dedicated to all the wise ones out there… There is no God. They believe that blind, unintelligent forces of nature through the haphazard chaos of genetic mutations and the process of natural selection, produced the multitudinous myriads of majestic creatures that inhabit the earth. Click to read The Traveler and The Road Can a proton feel guilt? Will a neutron spread itself and sorrow over the death of a loved one? Yet atheists believe that from a tiny speck of inorganic, self-created matter, human consciousness and moral sensitivity evolved. Can they not see the utter ludicrousness in this pattern of thinking? Can you see it? Will you go to that rock poised gallantly on the roadside and begin a conversation with it? Surely the words of King David are bankable when he said “the fool has said in his heart there is no god”. “Well as president of the Universal Guild of Fools we are coming out boldly to declare

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They said he leads us beside still waters, Waters so calm that they resonate with the sweet breeze that sweeps through the hillside, They said it is here that he restores our soul, and I wonder if He will touch me that way today, My heart is an inferno of iniquity, A raging well of unwellness… My matchbox is empty. 20 match sticks struck and tossed into the fire My thoughts howl and bellow in rebellion I hear his voice faintly, softly but I am unsure Yes I need a touch from Him… Perhaps like Zacchaeus I will climb to the top of a tree And like a chanteuse with sincere poetry and a cracked voice-box                           Call his attention to me… But how can I? When like Lazarus I am stuck, Stricken in my prime with the grime and slime of death Trapped by the very bonds

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Abba Father

Hello guys, this is not a song review. I decided to listen REPEATEDLY and CONSCIOUSLY to EVERY SONG from my favourite gospel group of ALL TIME! – HILLSONG. I will write articles, poems and stories themed about the song titles as led by the Spirit. LET US HAVE FUN! (It would be nice if you downloaded the track and listened as you read) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ORIFUNKE !!!! Song: Abba, Father Abba, Father, how I love you. Strong hands guide me. A voice that soothes me and I’m coming to your open arms again. The more I know you, the more I love you. The more I need to worship and adore you. Yes I’m coming to your open arms again. Abba Father you know I love you. You know I need to worship and adore you. I’m coming to your steadfast love again. Yes I’m running to your steadfast love again. How I love you. How I adore you.

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