For Damilare Babalola… I woke up empty today. Engulfed by my desires and seemingly insurmountable needs I have somehow lost sight of what it means to be alive. My struggle is endless. Each day drags me relentlessly to the house of my tormentor. With his steely gaze on my back he begins to flog me without flinching or remorse. But there is hope… Soon I will leave this job. Soon I will build my house. Soon I will become a source of joy and no longer the harbinger of sadness. Soon … because this morning I will touch the hem of His robe. I will place my withering fingers on the fringes of his shawl and I know I will be made whole. “And his disciples said unto him (brusquely, almost with sarcasm), thou seest the multitude thronging thee, and sayest thou, Who touched me?” – Mark 5:31 WHAT A QUESTION! You cannot ignore the audacity of such. Look at

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The Birth

It was an “implosion“. The One whom the ants celebrate imploded to become a peasant baby who, like every infant who has ever lived, had to learn to walk and talk. [It would have been so scary if his first words to Mary and Joseph were – “hey guys I was the one who parted the Red Sea” or “Mama! I know the number of grey hair on your head“] While the mountains and volcanoes gush sacred metaphors regaling this great king… While the stars dance in a frenzy, extolling his majesty and might… While poets wax poetic with words laced with delightful and decadent deliciousness… All we have is the witness of a simple manger in Bethlehem where the God of all flesh cradled his head. Jesus in a manger bears no semblance to Christ on the throne. He forfeited the privileges of God and thus risked going through life unrecognised. He (LEARNT), a word strange to one classed

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Nothing like your LOVE

Disclaimer?: These are not song reviews. They are articles birthed from hours meditating on the spiritual and scriptural truths contained in Hillsong Tracks. You will listen to the same tracks and get a totally different interpretation but the beauty of it is that Christ is revealed. Click here to Enjoy other Tracks in the project… Track 3: Nothing like your LOVE* Love unchanging. God Your mercy never fades. And I’m surrounded. By Your compassion and Your grace Your love. Brighter than the sun. More beautiful than words could ever say This endless light shining over all. It leads me to Your glory everlasting In Your kindness, For the broken and the lost. You gave Your only Son to bear my shame upon the cross. Your love amazing fills my heart and I sing out There is none like You. There is nothing like your love amazing fills my heart and I sing out There is none like You There is nothing like Your love Ours is a blistering love affair.

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Abba Father

Hello guys, this is not a song review. I decided to listen REPEATEDLY and CONSCIOUSLY to EVERY SONG from my favourite gospel group of ALL TIME! – HILLSONG. I will write articles, poems and stories themed about the song titles as led by the Spirit. LET US HAVE FUN! (It would be nice if you downloaded the track and listened as you read) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ORIFUNKE !!!! Song: Abba, Father Abba, Father, how I love you. Strong hands guide me. A voice that soothes me and I’m coming to your open arms again. The more I know you, the more I love you. The more I need to worship and adore you. Yes I’m coming to your open arms again. Abba Father you know I love you. You know I need to worship and adore you. I’m coming to your steadfast love again. Yes I’m running to your steadfast love again. How I love you. How I adore you.

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Luci D’Foe

They say he dances azonto with destinies The scheming destroyer derailing youths with the vial of iniquities With motley of plagues, sicknesses from malaria to STDs He hops in and out, corrupting families   He dangles a drink that glints red like a enchantress’ lips It’s just a little sin… C’mon just one sip Yet the hangman’s noose is firmly in his grip Hidden from sight is his scourging whip   Cartoons portray him as goat-like, Amber red and with blackened teeth Sorrows trail closely, everywhere he places his feet. Trickster, swindler – he is the father of tricks Searching for whom to destroy everyday of the week   Once a minister of melody, robed in light so bright Behold pride crept in and stripped him off his glorious light For he thought a thought so repugnant and vile To oust Zion’s King and take the place of the MOST HIGH   He was in Eden clad in serpentine skin

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