The end is closer than we think It could all end faster than we can blink Don’t be deceived by the devil’s wink His seductive glance or methods so sleek The earth we know is at its brink Slippery slippery it’s almost an ice rink Days are dark and nights dreary and bleak Our futile efforts can’t fix this leak Satan’s been there, done that – he is the father of tricks Thinking you can party with him and still win, dude get out quick God is not mean, He is not some sadistic freak There’s a WAY of escape for the sick who will seek Grace I tell you, grace more vast than the Pacific The message of grace so true, it’s terrific Works of the law are vain, they reek Your righteousness is a rag – wow that’s tragic Jesus SAVES… He is heaven’s PARAMEDIC For Love He emptied himself of glory, for you He took a risk Doctors ain’t

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Jesus: The Covenant

Act One, Scene One Matthew {1:1} The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham. No matter how you look at it God is a God of covenants. In keeping with His nature He establishes covenants with the sons of me (Noah, Abraham, Moses, David etc). In David and Abraham we have the two vital covenants: The Covenant of Kings and the Covenant of Fathers. Jesus takes his reference point from these two covenants. The Covenant of Fathers and Sons Abraham was given a promise. That his seed (sons) would outnumber the stars and the sand. It was a covenant that covered the heavens (stars) and earth (sand). It was both terrestrial and celestial in nature. God promised to bless his descendants and make them His own special people – in return, Abraham was to remain faithful to God and to serve as a channel through which God’s blessings could flow to the rest

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It is written

He knew the word by study. It wasn’t because He had instructed the writers by His SPIRIT. Rather as with all things that involved humanity, the Messiah had known through study. He had learnt how to walk and talk. He didn’t leap out of Mary’s womb screaming words of Rhema and Repentance. He didn’t grab Joseph’s beard and yell “Were you there when I carved the earth’s foundations?” Jesus responded to temptation with the word. He knew it, He spoke it and in the right context too. Know your scriptures, speak them. #la130 — Eloho (@Eloxie) October 2, 2013 Jesus learnt and applied. I imagine he had the same kind of childhood as Timothy who from a child studied the scriptures. And thus the very words that prophesied about Him became the foundation of his life. We see evidence of this when we look at the baptism. John was reluctant to baptise the Christ, but Jesus who had studied scripture

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Click here to read By His Stripes Three days in the belly of the beast Three nights and hell had a grand feast But that morning, the SON rose His Light sent demons scattered in their droves From the ashes of shame Lord of the Harvest, that is His name He emerged – The Seed of the Woman Crushing the head of the Serpent          conceived by the Move of the Spirit             and the Spirit hovered over the earth                  then God said “Let there be Light” –  and He was born From the bitter pyre He rose confounding all His foes Even in death He was King, It wasn’t murder … He, by himself, surrendered and He emerged!!! From the throes of death to the Majestic throne of Life Hallelujah He is ALIVE Devil-hounds hollered and bawled Death shook in its place Hell’s bars quivered He

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