I was having cookies and coffee (P.S I have never tasted coffee – not like that is newsworthy) with Christ and decided to ask Him this question… “Who is the Man in Christ…” He turned to me with a large smile stretching from cheek to cheek and replied… A man born abnormal whose daily walk is an engagement of the Word A man living above normalcy whose eyes see beyond the mist and maze of misery whose heart is the turf on which the kingdom operates his lips drip with the honey of value and royalty that lights a fire in the souls that surround even the denizens of the valley of death yearn for a touch from him for he is one who lives consistently a man remembered of God, God’s unleashed glory on two feet… performing wondrous acts and simple feats, a man insured by God.. for He is kept in Elyon’s arms none can pluck him out

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