I am held in the hollow of his hands, by the rivers that make me glad. He keeps me in his alcove of affection, Shielding me from harm and hell’s machination. I am kept by the power of His Love, His is a variant that fits my soul like a glove, When the storms of life venture near, I am assured of peace for He is here. I am held up above principalities and powers, My spirit fears neither death nor the witching hour, For there is a constant witness in the furnace, I have a Father who ever lives to give me rest. I am fearless in the den of raging beasts, Calm in the eye of fires stoked by pride and persecutions. For within me is domiciled one who is greater, I am His beloved and He is my Lord and Lover. I am held in the hollow of his hands, Adorned with grace on my head like

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Out of the blues
and without a clue
I found a poem
that turned my head
“quickly” said I
let us blog this rhyme
and tickle “le readers”
with poetic chime… 

–     The Wordsmyht


You can’t make an omelette without breaking some Eggs,
I’ll let no harm come to her Legs.
You can’t be alive and still be Dead,
I’ll let no injury come to her Head.
Don’t you Understand,
I’ll let nothing break her Hand.
God Knows,
I’ll let no one step on her Toes.


You can’t speak well without beautiful Lips,
I’ll let no man touch her Hips.
You can’t be wise and still tell Lies,
nothing bad will touch her Eyes.
You can’t be in pain and not shed Tears,
I’ll let nothing happen to her Ears.
You can’t move without walking on the Street,
no evil shall come near her Feet.
No matter how far we are Apart,
I will never break her Heart.

If she asks me for a million and one Things,
I won’t get tired of giving her till the fat lady Sings.
If she keeps coming Back,
there is nothing good she will ever Lack.
When we go to the shopping Mall,
I’ll pay for it All.
If she wants More,
I’ll buy the whole Store.
If she’s afraid to Ask,
I’m up to the Task.

My sweet Honey,
deserves my Honey.
I’ll let her scatter it in the Air,
because there’s really nothing There.
If she wants the sun and Moon,
I’ll get it Soon.
If she wants the Stars,
I’ll buy her planet Mars.
If she comes Again,
I’ll take her to Spain.
If she needs more Space,
I’ll buy a bigger Place.
If she wants my last Dime,
I’ll give it to her on Time.

from the Rhyme Master

On waters

I wrote this poem with Tofunmi on the 31st of July 2013. Do enjoy! Ours is a sweltering passion A love that chases relentlessly, Unfettered by fear nor clouded by doubts. Its fluidity is unfazed by opposition He chases me through the dusty dunes of despair, Past the raging rivers of sin Into the mud of despondency He longs for me and thus He pursues me He chases, and chases me still. His gaze mixed with faith and grace Fixed on me as I dive into the ocean of uncertainty ___________ I gulped and gulped more of its salty content I was not afloat; I was deeply submerged in my mess But He was watching, I thought. Why wouldn’t He reach out, Reach for His lover. He wouldn’t watch me drown, would He? Oh boy! “Lord, fix me. Please!” I cried. Then His hands reached for me I sensed Him, his eyes fixed on me And then just what I

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Till He Returns

After (twenty) aeons have come and gone Before a billion stars twinkle and fail to burn In times of beauty and even when the clocks are worn My praise will ever be to the one called Elyon Brilliant, I bask in the brightness of the Son One whose face glows brighter than a million suns Lifting my voice from dusk to golden morn Always and forever till He returns Opening the vaults of praise I will sing Grace! Great Grace! That is what He brings Upon the throne of Mercy seats my Love-King Now and forever this song through eternity rings Songs of Glory across the galaxies ping, from Ocean floor to starry sky, tiny worm to earthling Lifting my voice from dusk to golden morn Always and forever till He returns And when the cloak of time is tattered and torn Broken, battered and oh so forlorn I shall stand on eternity’s shores Making sweet medley to the one I

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The Will

For of him, and through him, and to him, are all things: to whom be glory for ever. Amen. – Apostle Paul (Romans 11:36) Jesus is the Wheel of God. – JMD for through him God created everything in the heavenly realms and on earth. He made the things we can see and the things we can’t see–such as thrones, … – Apostle Paul (Colossians 1:16) He is the Will The one whose words bend hearts of stone and steel who breathed and a rod paved a corridor in the sea He holds the reins of galaxies They call Him the Word He who carved out mountains with Light as his sword creating humanity from clay and mud He is the Will from the grandeur of ghettos to the simplicity of gardens fashioning beauty from dross and dust the one in whose presence life emerges from rust He is the Wheel and axle for by Him and for Him where all things planted all

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