Shine On

Have you ever heard of a time when the light sits down and starts complaining that there’s too much darkness? My fellow humans there is breaking news from the realm of truth: There is no light at the end of the tunnel. -_- and no! Nepa hasn’t taken it. YOU are the Light of the World. Get off your butt-throne and switch on. When kids at a zoo poke fun at a lion, taunting it and all. There’s no need to defend the lion. Simply open the cage.! Ah!! I kid! I kid! I dey play ooo. Imagine salt complaining that food is tasteless! Meanwhile it sits idly in its container. Just imagine!!! How una go step upon serpents and scorpion while seated in front of television sets and movie screens?? In fact ordinary cockroach sends 10-year old Christians binding and casting! Kilode! But guys! Why don’t you let your light shine? This little light of mine, I’m gonna let

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