Reality of Righteousness

Listening to Pastor Onayinka Olusegun‘s teaching on the Reality of Righteousness and I find the scales falling off my eyes. The constant rhetoric in churches, designed to bombast the believer into a form of righteousness, is that we are to “work for our salvation with fear and trembling”. With voices raised and fists clenched the preacher with all his garb and garrulity attempts to arm-twist the believer into confessing his sins in order to obtain the forgiveness of God. {Once a preacher arrived with much fanfare and pomp} She and her band of merry men portrayed a God who would be so petty as to be marking church attendance register and counting the number of hours prayed. It was a drama that moved many to tears as they realized the utter “depravity” of their state. After all if God was to demand that we enter heaven on the basis of our works who would make it? Upon completion of the

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It is high noon in the city of Lagos. Horn-free day but there is a racket deep in the heart of Oyingbo.  “Don’t you want to make Heaven?”. The modern day preacher screams “To him that stands, let him take heed lest he falls,” with a solemn look on his face he whispers almost dramatically “God will keep us rapturable in Jesus name.” At the heart of the “gospel” being preached today is that despite being a citizen of heaven the christian is still not guaranteed an automatic slot in heaven. It is said that up till the time of every believer’s last breath on earth,his name must be found in the book of life OR ELSE… According to them (folk in the class of our modern preacher above) the key requirements to heaven are: 1. Holiness 2. Righteousness 3. Truthfulness Rapturable ke? Requirements ke? Holiness, Righteousness are scriptural concepts. But kindly check them in scriptures, they are gifts and the

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Glow with Pride

I woke up with a stirring in my Spirit. “How do we paint in pictures the divine secrets of Him”“How do we express the thoughts of the Father…” Jesus was blunt with Nicodemus. He did not try to explain the existence of the Father. He took for granted that he would know that. He says without biting back his words “For God so loved the world…” He does not categorize or classify. He draws no differentiating line nor does he discriminate. He throws a blanket over the entirety of humanity, a blanket of blessed affection. Jesus declares for all eternity – God Loves us so much. This thought is very high to consider. It makes no sense. but somehow it makes more sense than the musings of atheists who claim that we crawled out of some primordial stew. He seeks to plant the heavens in your heart. He longs to hold you in His arms He yearns to kiss and

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Have you read “All I Do” or “Yahweh“? Please do… This is the first instalment in my 316RUSH (316 posts posted at precisely 3:16pm) … Do enjoy… Click here to enjoy Aybee Omari’s Bloom Baby, Bloom Take all your sloppy love stories. Heap them … narrative upon narrative, tale after tale from Romeo and Juliet’s dangerous dalliance with death to the illicit affair under the duvet of dusk between David and Bathsheba Consider them in all their glory and grandeur See Casanova blaze bright like a Supernova hovering over damsels like a predator would eye his prey Watch in wonder as the dashing prince smashes through beam and board just to win the fairest one’s heart Take all of these Your fairy tales, your bedtime stories stories of a princess awakened by a kiss or missing shoes used as GPS in a romantic quest Pile them up till they reach the navel of the sky or better still till they

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For Damilare Babalola… I woke up empty today. Engulfed by my desires and seemingly insurmountable needs I have somehow lost sight of what it means to be alive. My struggle is endless. Each day drags me relentlessly to the house of my tormentor. With his steely gaze on my back he begins to flog me without flinching or remorse. But there is hope… Soon I will leave this job. Soon I will build my house. Soon I will become a source of joy and no longer the harbinger of sadness. Soon … because this morning I will touch the hem of His robe. I will place my withering fingers on the fringes of his shawl and I know I will be made whole. “And his disciples said unto him (brusquely, almost with sarcasm), thou seest the multitude thronging thee, and sayest thou, Who touched me?” – Mark 5:31 WHAT A QUESTION! You cannot ignore the audacity of such. Look at

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