Word Count: 1267 Sex – a great product! Read the Manufacturer’s directions, do what it tells you, and it works! Take a stroll out of your house, and the onslaught begins. It steps right in front of you – parading long, luscious legs and a short, tight skirt that rides every movement of her hips. You look up to distract yourself from thoughts invading your mind, and see a billboard that only entices you further. You run to the comfort of your friends and eventually the conversation turns to the opposite sex – conquests are shared, frustrations expressed, advice is given and you are laughed at because you haven’t done it! That night you go to a movie (or even church); it is rated PG, but the upcoming attractions are not. Most of them sell sex, and you are sitting with your arm around your “boo”  whose skin is warm and soft, her perfume sweetening the aura of her femininity –

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Disclaimer: I believe a church is a place where the worn and wounded can find peace. I believe it is a place where the wandering soul can find rest and the wondering soul can find answers to the deepest, darkest questions of the heart. It is a place of communion and fellowship where iron sharpens iron and the dross of life is cut away by the twin-edged blade of Love. But beyond the poetic musings of this writer I believe it is a place where the saints are matured, where they stand daily before the mirror of the Word and steadily manifest to the world the IMAGE OF CHRIST.  I can still remember my first time He was kind and tender, His touches were not forceful rather they were assuring. I closed my eyes and surrendered to Him, allowing Him cut away the rust and rubble of my gnarled heart, till he arrived at the ruby within that seemed to

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