With Me

Fade to black… HEAR: the distant hoot of the owl and the wolf’s howl SEE: the bitter scowl of forest fiends… the end draws near… behold faces fraught with fear Death treads the gory paths of hell tonight, the fire is fierce and fearless, my soul is pierced with the poisoned arrow-tip of fright,    the earth shrieks like a sissy, bursting apart at the seams…and I am alone, surrounded by the echo of coming storms, harbingers of untold woe and callous foes… I walk the dark alley of death…But YOU are with me a shining light, a sturdy rod, a gentle and warm fire in the midst of the chill and chaos… YOU are with me I am your servant and I am your son – Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.   Abdul Masih (Servant of the Messiah)

Out of the Boat

Love is fear’s bane. He that walks in love walks perfectly for his walk is neither hampered by doubt nor is it fettered by fear. He dares to walk where Angels dread. He dares to walk in the valley of death’s shadow for he brings life and hope to those cast off as dead. Jesus walked in perfect Love and neither the laws of physics nor human nature could shackle him. On the raging Galilean sea he marched triumphantly seemingly oblivious to the tumultuous waves and harsh winds. He walked with the poise of one infinitely greater than the combined military forces of salty sea and sultry winds. Above the storms he walked unperturbed, bringing to the remembrance of the waters that it was He who formed them through the simplicity of his word, that it was He who restrained them with borders no one has ever seen. He walked on the seas and behold this sight was foreign to

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