Enjoy this post and also check out the Songs from the Hill Project. There are certain events in a man’s life that he never quite forgets. The first day he speaks in tongues. That Monday morning when he prayed for a lame man and he jumps up. And perhaps most poignant, the first break up. It was meant to be quick and clean. There were no salty tears or puppy-dog stares. It was surprisingly surgical for a 300-Level student of Economics. She would take the only heart I had, crush it and bury it beneath the thick concrete of nothingness. Tonight she was going to break up with me. I typed that in Bold font for emphasis. Go back and read it again. How did I know? Premonition or a word of knowledge? Well I won’t be too hasty to say that the Holy Spirit had revealed it to me though it wouldn’t be far from the truth. The clues were aplenty,