To Yahweh

Dear Daddy First of all … I call you Daddy because you are my Father. Though many are ignorant of their Genesis, I revel in the Revelation of You as my Source. They put on their blue jeans, “fly” their collars in arrogance and forget the origin of their genes – but I won’t forget my creator. Some might think I am merely pontificating or attempting to appear like one with a speed dial to Heaven. In the ravishing romance of Romans Paul calls you ABBA. This is no counterfeit affection, no shabby attire traded on the streets of Aba. YOU are my DADDY. I am Charmed by your Majesty. My Spirit resonates with your Sweet Spirit. There is a collision of YOUR Divinity and my humanity. I yearn for more of YOU. Length of days are worthless without YOU, my El HANNORA (Awesome God). The night stars exude your glory. Just as the Jews on their Exodus from Egypt, they extol your

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